Our History – El Molino de Plata

“A luxurious rural experience”
Luxury boutique accommodation Granada
An exclusive boutique accommodation and its intimate restaurant
where guests can be welcomed as if they were at home

The history of our family project is intertwined with the synergy that flowed when we came across this mansion and its 19th century bread & oil mill.

Thus beginning our adventure and the meticulous rehabilitation, which has made this unique place reborn today, to welcome the exclusive boutique accommodation that it has become. And it is with great enthusiasm that we want to share with you, opening its doors again today after decades of closure.

I dreamed of opening an intimate boutique hotel!! And my passion for receiving, together with my devotion to my profession as an interior designer have come together to give us the push that has made us bring this exciting project to reality.
Once we decided to take the step, the most complicated thing remained, which was to find that space: ahouse with a singular energy, with which we connected from the first moment, filling us with sensations and illusions.

For us, it was also essential that the farm be in an enclave of disconnection. We wanted a countryside and mountain environment far from the daily routine and stress, but at the same time close to the city. And in our search, a year and a half ago, we arrived at Albuñuelas, a picturesque, small and quiet town in the Lecrín Valley. Its admirable views of the mountains, its lush vegetation, the peace that was breathed and a privileged location half an hour from Granada, seemed to us the ideal setting. The same day we visited Albuñuelas, we had met with Daniela, from the At Home In Andalusia agency, who was the one who introduced us to the owners, who had been around the mill for a long time. It was a crush from the first moment we saw this old house and its wild entrance garden, through the old fence that welcomed us. The farm, although very neglected by the passage of time, continued to maintain a special aura, which made us fall in love with it from the outside. Upon entering we discovered, between its high stone walls, many beautiful and unique corners, where silence was the protagonist. It was easy to breathe!! And without hesitation we decided that this was the perfect place to write our new family project story. The perfect place to do our bit, to give life to its corners again, with new stories from our travelers. When we acquired the property, it preserved many memories and belongings, which remained intact in it, giving a glimpse of what the Molino de Jesús, as it was called in the town at that time, had meant in Albuñuelas, in its origins. The ground floor, once used for the production of oil, bread and milk, still housed the impressive machinery and millstones of what would have been an oil mill since 1885. As well as the large oven, in an adjacent room, which for decades provided bread to the town. In the back garden, still standing, was the small wooden stable, which at that time was a humble dairy farm, where the locals came daily with their quarry to buy milk.
Many neighbors have been very excited to see us take on this project. Since this mythical mill collects memories of yesteryear, among the inhabitants of Albuñuelas, who tell us “As a child, my mother sent me to this farm with the pot to buy freshly milked milk.” “I came here every day to buy freshly baked bread.” “As children we would go into the corners of the garden, where they had the cows, and we would play hide and seek”…. With all the history that preceded the mill, I was very clear, when starting the project, that the aesthetics that the building required were already inscribed on its walls. So I focused on a design that would maintain, above all, the authentic energy of this unique property. The original structure of the house, built on thick stone walls, has been the perfect canvas for the result of this exquisite rehabilitation, which reflects the best of austere rural luxury. Enjoy our Boutique home in Granada From the beginning our dream has been to create a space where we can enjoy a getaway of luxury and disconnection, which would truly change the concept of rural accommodation. We wanted to incorporate into the idea of ​​a rural experience, an exclusive boutique accommodation with an intimate restaurant, where we could welcome the client as if at home. And after six months in operation, six months receiving travelers and opening the old gate, now dressed in lights, our story continues. Now full of anecdotes and experiences at the beginning of the “El Molino de Plata”. A unique boutique accommodation that will give you a lot to talk about.