eco garden

Our Ecological Garden

My love for those childhood memories, together with my grandparents, harvesting their harvest, my passion for the countryside, the smell of wet earth and our approach to making dishes with real flavor, came together in this fascinating project, where we decided to bet for natural products, products from our own garden, to use in our kitchen.

“From the field to the table”
Authentic Flavors

Vegetables, aromatic herbs and home-grown fruit, from the field to the table, are the starting point of our dishes with real ingredients. The menus of each day depend on what we start from our garden and the seasonal product harvested.

What we do not produce in our garden, we obtain from local artisan producers. This land of the LecrÍn Valley, exuberant, green and very productive, due to its own subtropical microclimate, makes it an orchard of paradise on earth, due to the abundance and diversity of its crops. Citrus, olive groves, pomegranates, almond trees, walnuts, almond trees, avocado trees, vegetable crops… sow the lands of our orchards and local farms.

Seasonal Dishes

With seasonal ingredientes: Our salmorejo with tomatoes from the garden

The Lecrin Valley

Oranges & Lemon area

Fresh products from our land

Real flavours

Our freshly made natural pastries and mousse

With fresh fruit from our private harvest

“The first and most respectable of the arts it´s agriculture”

Jean Jaques Rousseau



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